Adib Chowdhury

[b. 1991] England, Adib spent time between Sussex's tame green hills and the bustling, colourful streets of Bangladesh making frequent visits throughout his life. At sixteen, a combination of curiosity and trial and error led to his interest in photography as a means to express his experiences between two diverse cultures and his identity between both. Developing a passion for social documentary photography alongside academic pursuits in International Relations and an MSc in Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics, he recognised photography to be a powerful means to enlighten people about key events and issues. In particular, the themes of migration, cultural flux, and identity, make an appearance in his work. 

His work has appeared in BBC World Service, Financial Times, Le Monde, WIRED and other publications.

Awards and Exhibitions:

- Shortlist Lucie Foundation: Emerging Scholarship, 2017

- Nikon- Noor Workshop, 2017

- PDN Annual 2016 Winner

- Marty Forscher Fellowship Fund Winner, 2016


- New York- Tribeca Rooftop, 2016

- London- Mother London, Ian Parry Scholarship Exhibition, 2016


Contact + Social Media:

- E-mail:

Instagram: adibchow