Adib Chowdhury

[b. 1991] England, Adib spent time between Sussex's tame green hills and the bustling, colourful streets of Bangladesh making frequent visits throughout his life. At sixteen, a combination of curiosity and trial and error led to his interest in photography as a means to express his experiences between two diverse cultures and his identity between both. Developing a passion for social documentary photography alongside academic pursuits in International Relations and an MSc in Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics, he recognised photography to be a powerful means to enlighten people about key events and issues. In particular, the themes of migration, cultural flux, and identity, make an appearance in his work.


Awards and Exhibitions:

- Shortlist Lucie Foundation: Emerging Scholarship, 2017

- Nikon- Noor Workshop, 2017

- PDN Annual 2016 Winner

- Marty Forscher Fellowship Fund Winner, 2016


- New York- Tribeca Rooftop, 2016

- London- Mother London, Ian Parry Scholarship Exhibition, 2016


Contact + Social Media:

- E-mail:

Instagram: adibchow